Our Approach To Waxing

A Different Approach To Waxing

Tommy’s Wax Center is the latest company in the Tommy K family practicing the golden rule of offering to our clients what we would want ourselves.

Award winning service since 1984 in Tommy K’s Video, Daily Grind Coffee Shops, Tommy’s Tanning Salons, and Tommy’s Wax Center!

We offer a wax that is exclusive to us and of the highest quality. We are locally owned and managed and are known for being the cleanest around! Our wax technicians are all trained aestheticians who put you first!


Our wax technician uses a CLEANSER to removes impurities and leaves your skin clean and dry.


Our wax PROTECTS your skin by not adhering to it. Our special Ipanema wax is a hard wax that contains an essential oil base that will sooth your fragile skin. Luscious and rich, this wax goes on in a slightly thicker layer to surround and lift short, coarse, curly or stubborn hairs. Our Rose Petal Crème Wax is a lovely pink, crème wax is great for any skin type and especially kind to sensitive skin. Gently and efficiently lifts all types of hair. A pre-wax oil is used to prevent this wax from sticking to your skin to ensure the most gentle hair removal process.

Our Wax

Our WAX is made by a 4th generation refiner in Great Britain, internationally renowned by the country of origin for the world’s finest wax products. The wax is custom blended in small batches with unyielding attention to detail. They use only the finest in rosins and pure essential oils and carefully selected choice ingredients. We have two wax types to better serve each clients unique hair type and body part. End result is a happy guest without irritation and minimal redness.

Our Tools

Our implements are cleaned with an antibacterial solution, then sanitized with a hospital grade disinfectant, then put into an autoclave machine. An autoclave is a pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam with high levels of heat, then sealing items into a bag. The high heat of the steam will kill most bacteria, spores, virus and fungi to prevent the spread of infection. This ensures that every guest receives the utmost protection with each visit.


Our post wax array of products will calm and sooth the skin and/or protect. Visit our retail selection to learn the best way to care for your freshly waxed area in the comfort of your home.